It all starts in my living room located in my apartment, a small studio. On a low table in front of the TV with my friends for clients. Basically I was in the sales team management of a luxury boutique, being very manual, I discovered a passion for nails.

I had training, had more and more clients, so I was able to live fully from my passion. In 2019 I also became a trainer in my field. I started experimenting with colors and developing my own nail style. This mixture of idea, color, this need to always want to stand out and technical ability has been crucial in my own personal development, not only as a businesswoman but as a prosthetic artist.

So I wanted to pursue my dreams, express myself as an artist and start the long journey of building a brand offering the highest quality products and offering the best value for money. With an uncompromising policy with regard to testing on animals and animal welfare as well as respect for the planet with the least possible packaging (especially on packaging). During a telephone conversation with a friend also in the field, NAILED BY K was born. Born in the sense that the direction of my dreams was spread out before me. My dream took months of research to deliver an initial product line.

I hope that in a few years NAILED BY K will experience worldwide success. The rest is history.

I am very proud to be a part of the nail industry and wish to make you proud to be a NAILED BY K customer.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Katia Katalina Francoïa is the founder of NAILED BY K



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